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If there is fluid leaking from it in the engine bay in front of your tranny, its bad, also check the master cylinder on the floor board conecting your clutch pedal they can both leak brake fluid. Both are very easy to replace.

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Q: How to tell whether the clutch slave cylinder needs to be replace and how to do it?
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How do you replace a cylinder on a Chevy S10?

This is a far reaching question that needs more clarification. There are cylinders where the pistons are located. If you have a clutch then you have a clutch master and slave cylinder. On the brakes you have a master cylinder and wheel cylinders. And the beat goes on. You need to distinguish as to which cylinder you are referring.

How do you pump up the clutch in a 1984 Nissan 300 ZX?

If the clutch stays on the floor after you push in the clutch first check to see if you have clutch fluid in the reservoir, if you do then it could just be because the clutch needs bled. If that doesn't do it then maybe your slave cylinder needs bled or replaced. From what I have seen it is generally because the slave cylinder needs replaced. Not to confuse you but the things that make up your clutch system are the clutch master cylinder, the slave cylinder, and the clutch dampner. If it is because the clutch needs bled start with the clutch master cylinder then do the slave cylinder. If it is not because of lack of fluid then check up under the dash and see if the spring on the clutch pedal is attached. Hope that doesn't sound to confusing.

How do you adjust hydraulic clutch on 92 standard sl?

Hydraulic clutch on that model is not ajustable. You either have a bad clutch slave cylinder, Or the clutch and pressure plate needs replaced.

How do you know when to adjust clutch in 98 sl1?

It's a self adjusting hydraulic clutch. If it needs adjustment, it's probably either a bad clutch or a faulty clutch master or slave cylinder.

1995 ford explorer clutch runs out of fluid?

Slave cylinder needs to be leaks

Why is your Land Rover looseing clutch fluid?

seal has gone on slave cylinder, it needs replacing.

Does a 89 Honda civic needs oil for the clutch?

it dont need oil unless your taking the whole clutch out and replace it. fluid

The clutch is gaining and losing compression in a 1989 probe plus leaking wheres the problem?

The clutch has two main parts; the master clutch cylinder and the slave cylinder. Follow the line down from the master cylinder to find the slave. Most of the time the slave needs to be rekitted or replaced and then bled. That should fix it.

Why would the clutch pedal go to the floor in a 1994 ford escort?

The clutch IS supposed to go to the floor. Do you mean why doesn't it release the transmission from the engine. It probably needs to have air bled from the master cylinder and the slave cylinder.

How do you remove the clutch master cylinder hose from the transmission case on a 1994 ford ranger?

This is a quick release and needs a clutch coupling removal tube T88T-70522-A or equivalent. Slide the sleeve toward the slave cylinder while pulling the tube away from the slave cylinder.

How do you fix a loose clutch on 95 miata?

If the answer refers to "it's not engaging completely to shift" it could be: * not enough clutch fluid * slave cylinder clutch, damaged and needs bleeding/repair/replacement * master cylinder clutch, damaged and needs bleeding/repair/replacement First check for fluid, if enough, then bleed the circuit changing to new fluid. If looking at the cylinders, any of them is leaking, it needs repair, repair kits are found at NAPA (USA). it's cheaper than replacement, but if the cylinder is damaged it will leak again soon. Some air in the circuit is enough for not letting the clutch work fully, and with the time the fluid will get water from ambient and that water will evaporate (with heat) creating air pockets. If the answer refer to "side pedal play" you need to remove the pedal clutch assembly to replace the bushings

What would cause stick shift to jam when car is on and clutch pressed but shift fine when car is off without stepping on clutch?

sounds like clutch needs adjustment or time to replace it

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