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This is the install process on a 1989 Nissan d21 pickup. This should work the same for you.

1. open door and remove the screws on the arm rest, and remove the lock button by unscrewing it. also remove the handle to lower and raise the window( you can do this with a small flat head screw driver, remove the clamp. push the door a bit to expose the clamp that holds the handle.)

2. pull the panel toward you and up to release it (you may have to break the plastic screws as you pull the panel)

3. this will expose the inside of the door, there you will see two nuts on the inside part of where the handel is located, remove them and this will free the handle.

4. install the new handle, find the rod inside the door that connects to the handel. it might be at the bottom. connect it to the handle, and then put the bottom male end of rod in to the female end of the part that opens the door. this completes the install.

5. now you can put everything back in reverse order.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 20:56:00
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Q: How do you replace the exterior door handle for a 1988 Nissan pickup?
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