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I just replaced the fog lamps on a 2001 Sentra 2.0 SE w/performance package, I'm assuming the fog lamps are the same. From underneath each lamp assembly, behind the bumper, you will see a screw that faces downward (ignore the one that faces in). Remove the screw. At the top of of the assembly you'll see two metal posts poking through white nylon fittings. Use the end of a long flat-head screwdriver and some leverage to push the metal post toward the front of the car, through the fitting. Once they're part of the way through you'll be able to push the entire assembly out through the front of the fascia.

Once you've got the assembly out, twist the round collar counter-clockwise and pull it apart from the lamp. Pull the white electrical connector out of its slot and then remove the wire that comes from the bulb. Then remove the small screw that holds the black wire from the collar to the lamp. Once out, the copper clip that holds the bulb in place will be loose and can be removed. Take note of its position, as replacing it is the most difficult part of the procedure. At this point you can remove the old bulb and replace it with the new one. DO NOT TOUCH THE NEW BULB WITH YOUR FINGERS! USE GLOVES! Once the bulb is in place, put the copper clip back in place, noting that you should put the small flat piece under the flange where the collar wire will screw back in first. Once you replace the collar wire and the small screw the flange will hold the clip in place and you can snap the longer end back around the retainer, which makes it apply equal pressure on both sides of the bulb and hold it in place. I recommend taking both assemblies out of the fascia first and using one as a visual guide for the correct assembly of the other, to avoid confusion. Once the screw is back in, place the collar back onto the back of the lamp and turn clockwise to re-attach it. Make sure the bulb wire was plugged into the white connector first, and that the connector was put back into its slot in the collar.

Then you just put the assembly back into the fascia, pushing the two metal things through the white nylon tabs. Replace the screw and tighten, and you're all done.

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Q: How do you replace the fog light bulbs on a 2002 Sentra SE-R Spec V?
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