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Here is a simple way to replace a burnt out fog light bulb from 1999 Montana, probably the same for those earlier models.

1. Turn steering wheel opposite direction of the lamp that is burnt out. This will give you a little room to access the bulb area.

2. On the wheel well, you will see two Phillips screws. Take these out. They hold the flimsy plastic panel that is in front of the wheel, attached to the bumper.

3. The flimsy plastic piece you can push in a bit so that you can get a hold of the edge and pop it out beyond the bumper. This will give you access to put your hand/arm into the bumper to get to the bulb.

4. If you glance in toward the fog lamp, you'll see the bulb and the wiring going into a round metal permanent bracket. Easily remove the actual light bulb with your fingers by pinching the bulb base with your forefinger and thumb and rotating it until it releases from its brace.

5. Take the old bulb off the wiring fixture by prying the clip up a bit to release the bulb.

5B. Look at the old bulb and yell, "HA! I got you!"

6. Replace with a new bulb but make sure you don't touch the new Halogen bulb with your fingers. The oils on your skin will ruin the bulb. No kidding.

7. Clip the bulb into place and reinsert the bulb the same way you took it out. Rotate it opposite of the way you took it off and it will catch and tighten onto the bracket. You'll feel it catch. You may not be able to actually see so sense of touch is important here.

8. Now push the flimsy plastic black flat wheel well piece back into the place where it was originally. You can push the center of it to pop it back in place.

9. Take your two metal screws and line up that flimsy plastic piece with the holes of the bumper. Tighten them until they catch and tighten.

10. It took me longer to find this information on the internet then it did to replace the bulb. It took me about 10 minutes to replace one bulb.

I read stories about people having to take their Montana van in to replace the fog lamp bulb and this is total nonsense. Some people paid up to $200 to have it replaced. This was a ten minute job so someone got shafted or the guys who replaced it, didn't know what they were doing from the start and charged them for the time for them to figure it out.

Easy to do. Replacement bulbs cost about $7 at any auto store, Fleet Farm, Walmart and any store with automotive parts. They look like any other Halogen bulb with a plastic base.

Tools Needed: Phillips screwdriver. Your hands.

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Q: How do you replace the fog lights on a 2000 Pontiac Montana?
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