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Here is how to easily on a 2007 grand caravan. I'm assuming you will replace it because it is broken.. meaning the outside end broken as that is weathered and in the inside isn't... Quickly disconnect the outside part of the cable and bring it up through the floor..easy... remove moulding inside near brake pedal. Now the trick nobody wants to tell you is that you need tension on the cable and you need to lock the cable with tension before you remove it... key thing.. leave it in the tension position with screw driver while you get cable fixed or put in a new one. Many people say how do you get the end of the cable off the self adjuster brake pedal unit... books state a lock open part of the brake unit.. try to find it? Too hard... What you do is pull the cable as much as you can with vice grips about 5 or more inches down from the tip. if the cable is broken you can pull it through the outside shield so it is only the inner cable left. Now when you pull it to maximum pressure you then put the screwdriver in horizontally on your side of the brake spring (not where they say there is a lock out thing)... get a smaller flathead in there and feel for it to lock things up. You'll know when it is solid and holds itself. The step next when it is under tension and solid is to push the cable forward and get it out of the unit. You may find a screwdriver to widen the area it comes out of is good.. then later when the new one goes in crimp it back with pliers... Whatever you do make sure that screw driver is in good . I could do that section of the removal now in about 2 mins knowing that the screw driver holds in the right place... When you put the new one in leave the screw driver until the last thing.. it gives you all the roof to connect both sides up... Further to that... it shall be tested long term still but you can YouTube cable end repair an do your own lead repair on the existing cable.. since it is a self adjuster the cable length has some play...

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Q: How do you replace the front emergency brake cable on a Dodge Grand Caravan SE 3.3?
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