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you'll need a hydraulic press to start with. part stores often have this if you dont, and if you havent done it before, you may want to leave at least the press part of the job to the guy who usually does this at the parts store. remove the wheel. remove the brake caliper in its entirety and hang it with a coat hanger from the strut. knock off the brake rotor. remove the axle nut with a 1 1/16" deepwell socket (this is best with an impact gun but a breaker bar will work) remove the cotter pin on the lower ball joint and unscrew the nut til just before it hits the axle. bang the steering knuckle where the ball joint pin goes through with a big hammer (i like a 4# sledge) when the pin is free hold down the control arm and remove the nut the rest of the way. the tie rod is removed by taking out the cotter pin removing the nut and again banging the knuckle with a hammer til the pin comes out. now remove the 2 large bolts that hold the knuckle onto the bottom of the strut. the knuckle is now free, you may need to tap the axle to free it from the splines on the hub. just take the knucle to a parts store with a press and a handy machine shop guy, buy a bearing and hub and have them install the bearing. replacement is reverse of removal. dont forget the cotter pins in the balljoint and tierod. you just line up the slots in the nuts with the holes in the pins, put the pins in and bend them so they dont fall out.

if using used parts you can replace the whole rotary hub, then you can skip the guy at the shop with the hydraulic press.

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Q: How do you replace the front wheel bearings on a 1996 Toyota Tercel?
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