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How do you replace the fuel filteron a 87 Chevy Celebrity?

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2010-02-09 21:16:20

The fuel filter is located next to the fuel tank on the drivers

side of the car. Raise the car as required and support on jack

stands. Wear appropriate rubber gloves as you may get gasoline on

your hands. Gasoline is very flammable so have a fire extinguisher

handy in case leaking gas should get on fire. Needless to say you

should not smoke while changing the fuel filter. There will be fuel

in the filter, have a suitable container to drain it into.

Then use appropriate wrenches and loosen the inlet fitting next

to the fuel tank. The fuel line is under pressure, so loosen the

fitting carefully and have a rag there to catch the escaping fuel.

Dispose of the rag in a proper manner. Once the pressure is

released finish taking the coupling loose and then loosen and

remove the coupling on the outlet end of the filter. Installation

of the replacement fuel filter is the reverse of the above.

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