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How do you replace the fuel pump located on a GMC Safari?

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2005-11-06 22:52:16

Initially since the fuel pump is located in the gas tank ,it is

not a task for the average home mechanic. It is electric puts out

about 15 lbs. pressure uses the gas in the tank as a coolant. In

older models it is possible to have the pump wiring burn and short

out.The results could be a fire or if you are fortunate pump

failure. I replaced the fuel pump in my 1999 van. It took 3 hours

(and we had a pit) and $500. part.If you don't know what you are

doing find someone that does. hi it took me in my drive way 1 to 2

hours the most to pull the tank and put in the new pump. its easy

there are 4 hoses comimg out of the tank thet are held on by clamps

get those of then un clamp the filler hose then un screww u bolts

holding the tank and it drops right down the u need to open the

tank then u can put in the new pump witch is 40 dollars make sure

its facing the same way as u took it out then u slide it back in

close up the tank then raiseit up put the 4 bolts back in to hold

it up the put the 4 hoses back on were they go tightin the clamps

and ur done.i had 1 jack and my drive way

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