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I just did it. It's a big job and takes quite a bit of time and patience. (If you don't own a garage use one unless the weather is good.)

Here's what youll need right off the bat: deep well and short sockets 10mm 13mm & 15mm. The whole car is nearly all metric 90%, and 90% of them are the sizes given. Get a torgue wrench, a floor jack will help, but jack stands are a must. GO TO AUTO ZONE.COM THEY HAVE GREAT INFO THERE. AND GIVE YOURSELF TIME AND IT CAN BE DONE RIGHT 3/4 OF THIS JOB IS JUST LABOR. PARTS ARN'T THAT BAD ABOUT $200-300.

"Find the Haynes repair manual for your car at an auto parts store and flip through it to make sure it's not generic for several car models. If you can't find one SPECIFIC TO YOUR CAR, go to all, sign up for their service and simply find your car in their database. It'll cost money but it's very detailed and will save you a lot of trouble through the project. For example, a lot of your bolts, such as the head bolts, will need to be torqued. You'll need to know the torque specifications. You'll need the firing/piston order, vacuum hose assembly, and lots of other specific information. Good luck. It's a pain but it's way better than paying someone nearly 2 grand.

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Q: How do you replace the head gasket located on a 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?
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Best left to a pro unless you want to decapitate yourself.

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