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How do you replace the head gasket on a 2000 Ford Focus LX?


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2015-07-15 18:56:02
2015-07-15 18:56:02

First we need to know if you have the 2.0 SPI engine, the 2.0 ZETEC-E engine, or the 2.0 ZETEC-DURATEC ST engine.


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When repairing cars, it is important to know the cost going into the repair. To replace a head gasket for a 2002 Ford Focus it will cost between $20 and $190.

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Take it to someone who knows how, unless you're a certified Ford mechanic.

I don't know where the thermostat is physically located on a Focus specifically, but if it is underneath the water neck on top of the intake manifold it may be a poor sealant & gasket used when the water neck was mounted/installed. Perhaps you may want to refer to a Chilton's guide for the Ford Focus to replace the thermostat gasket and sealant?

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