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***CAUTION***The halogen bulb contains gas under pressure. The bulb may shatter if the gas envelope is scratched or if the bulb is dropped. Handle the bulb carefully. Grasp the bulb only by its base. Avoid touching the glass envelope. è The headlamp bulb should not be removed from the headlamp until just before a replacement bulb is installed. Removing the bulb for an extended period of time may affect headlamp bulb performance. Contaminants may enter the headlamp where they can settle on the lens and reflector. Never turn on the headlamps with the bulb removed from the headlamp. Headlights Removal & Installation 1. Raise and support the hood. 2. Raise the headlamp retainers by pushing rearward and pulling up. 3. If equipped, rotate the headlamp bulb protective counterclockwise and remove. 4. Disconnect the headlamp bulb electrical connector. 5. Remove the headlamp assembly. 6. Rotate headlamp bulb retainer counterclockwise and remove. 7. Remove the headlamp bulb by pulling it straight out with a gentle up-and-down rocking motion. ***WARNING*** Do not touch the glass bulb with your fingers. Oil from your fingers can severely shorten the life of the bulb. If necessary, wipe off any dirt or oil from the bulb with rubbing alcohol before completing installation. To Install; 8. Install a new bulb into the headlamp assembly. 9. Install the headlamp bulb retainer and turn it clockwise to engage the retaining tabs. 10. Attach the bulb electrical connector. 11. If equipped, install the headlamp bulb protective cover. 12. Install the headlamp assembly. è Be sure the headlamp assembly is positioned correctly with the alignment pins inserted into the proper holes and onto the ribs of the reinforcement. 13. Engage the retainers by gently pushing down. 14. Turn the lights on and check the bulb operation.

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Q: How do you replace the headlamp on a 2000 ford f150?
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