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This is what you do. Warning - You cannot see anything . You just have to use your hands and judgement.......and be prepared to get your hands dirty.

Open the front hood of the car. Between the steering fluid compartment and the headlight, there is a very small space for you to squeeze your hand in. Try to feel the wire and a rubber covering that goes to the headlight. Once you locate the wire pull the plug from the socket by pressing on the sides of the plug as you pull.

Once you do this, remove the same rubber covering which is provided to prevent water from entering the headlight. After you have removed the covering, locate the hinged metal clip that holds the bulb in place. By this point, you should be able to see it with a flash light. The clip is held in place by a little piece of metal. Press down on the clip to free it from the metal, and the clip will swing open like a gate.

BEFORE YOU REMOVE THE BULB, be sure to take note of how the bulb fits into the lamp; see how the old bulb's prongs are aligned. These bulbs are made to really fit only one way. I didn't pay attention when I took my old bulb out, and it took a while for me to figure out how to put the bulb in. There are three prongs. The center prong is UP.

Withe the gate open, the bulb comes right out. Get the new replacement lamp and follow the directions in reverse order. Be sure not to touch the glass part of your replacement bulb (read the instructions on your replacement bulb's box to find out why).

The rubber boot goes on after you have the bulb in and before yopu attach the connector. Mount it with the "TOP" up, that leaves the drain holes down. Seat the boot and make sure the three prongs have come through the center round hole. The attach the connector. If you get the boot hole location right in relation to the three bulb connector prongs, it will connect. Test that the lights work before you close the hood and clean your hands.

PS Don't buy those extra bright white lamps. They may increase your visibility but be sure that they are a bigger distraction to the oncoming traffic. Go with the old lamps. They are more street friendly....

for the driver's side headlight replacement, i found that sliding the steering fluid compartment off the bracket, it gives you pleanty of room to move around in there...i used a flat skrewdriver to bend the clip back a little and the container will slide right up


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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1994 Honda Civic?
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