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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1995 Toyota Avalon?


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2009-12-28 17:07:46
2009-12-28 17:07:46
common senseone must first open the the engine cover.

you headlight bulbs are attached by some wires so unplug the wires using a flat screw drive and once its out use your common sense and just replace it

Elaborating: on the 2005 avalon, you can see where the bulbs come out of the back side of the plastic headlamp housing. Lowbeams on the outside, high beams on the inside. I replaced the lowbeam like this:

1) Rotated the bulb with wires attached around 30 degrees

2) inserted small screwdriver into the brown electrical connector to free it from the tab on the bulb. Look at the replacement bulb to see where the tab is.

3) pull off the brown connector

4) finish rotating bulb to around 45 degrees. At that point, you can jiggle it around and the bulb just pops out.

5) put in replacement bulb, rotate it back, and reclip the electrical connector.

(DO NOT LOOSEN THE TWO PHILIPS HEAD SCREWS ON THE METAL RING--they do not lock the bulb in in any way)


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