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After opening the hood you must remove two #2 bolts (has the #2 on top of the bolt). One is plainly visable on the far right and left respectively of the corresponding light assembly. The other is hidden behind the shroud the first bolt is holding Peel the shroud pop out center lock pin of clips(i found a fork worked well) then can be removed easily. will allow you to lift whole shroud of. makes things allot easier. back after removing the first #2 bolt on the left and right and you will see the second #2 bolt. before removing second bolt watch for spacers underneath intalled at factory for aligning. they can fall into spots that may be tough to retreive. Removal of the second bolt will not automatically cause the light assembly to pop out. You need to turn the assembly 1/8th a turn counterclockwise and pull forward. *NOTE* No tremendous amount of force should be used to get this assembly out.

(Additionally when I went to change the bulb I noticed they had taped the lights in because they didn't know how to install the lamp or didn't care.)

Anyway you get the lights off this is the way it goes back on to get that weatherproof seal. (Assuming you removed the old bulbs and have the retention rings (screws the light into the assembly))

  • Insert the socket WITHOUT the bulb through the retention ring.

NOTE - It doesn't have a professional fit or feel but this is the way its supposed to go.

  • Insert the new lightbulb into the socket outside of the retention ring.

NOTE - Now you should have a socket with a retention ring loosely hanging around the lightbulb.

  • Insert the lightbulb gently into the aperature in the assembly and align the retention ring on the metal flanges (there should be apx 6 all around the ring) and press down firmly and in one motion turn clockwise to lock and seal the lightbulb
  • Insert the light assembly finger into the assembly pocket and align bolt holes to frame.
  • Screw in bolt holes in reverse order and VIOLA!
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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?
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