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I just had to do this today. First, you must remove the battery on the driver's side or the fuse panel on the passenger side. Next, you unplug the headlight plug from the headlight assembly. You then remove the rubber boot from the back of the headlight. You should be able to see the wire clamp that is holding the bulb in place. Unhook the lower half of the clamp from the upper half, and then release the clamp by pushing in the top half and moving it up. It should easily open. Remove the old bulb and insert replacement. Make sure that the tabs on the replacement bulb line up with the slots on the headlight assembly. Replace wire clamp and fasten top first, then re-hook bottom. Replace boot. Re-attach plug. Replace battery or fuse panel. Done

This was very helpful since I did not have the maintenance manual and it was not obvious to me that the boot could just be popped off easily. But I have a couple of comments. One is that the battery and fuse panel DO NOT need to be removed in order to replace the bulbs. I did it WITHOUT ANY TOOLS. On the drivers side you need to remove a piece of the air vent tube that is about 5 inches long, but it just pops off. Also, as a general rule when changing any light bulb, it is always important to not touch the glass of the bulb since the oils on your fingers will shorten the life of the bulb. Not sure why, but the bulbs tend to burn out faster when any oil or grease residue is left on them.

Just performed this repair successfully on my 2000 Corolla. For the wireclamps you don't even have to unhook the bottom wire, it can stay hooked in the top part. Can confirm that one does not need to remove the fuse panel or battery, but the battery (driver) side has little room to work in. The mentioned air vent tube is fastened with a plug that looks like a button from above, it only needs to be pulled up at this spot and then can be folded to the left.

It helps to have a little pocket mirror and a small flashlight to inspect how the wireclamp is hooked in, it will make unhooking it easier.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1999 Toyota Corolla?
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