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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a Nissan 200SX?


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2006-12-27 21:47:05
2006-12-27 21:47:05

I just replaced the headlight bulb in my 1997 200SX-SE-R and it was easy (and I'm a total novice). Here's what I did: - got the right bulb for the car at the parts store - for mine, it's a 9004 number - pop and prop the hood - The bulb that was out was on the passenger side, so I had to move a plastic bottle (which I think was radiator overflow) out of the way by lifting it straight up, then setting it to the side. If the driver's side bulb is out, it might be necessary to move the battery, though perhaps not. - remove the electrical connection by pulling firmly backwards on the connector, which covers the whole end of the bulb-unit. - release the bulb-holder thing. This is a wire clip. I used a screwdriver, through the loop at the top, to pry it up and back gently and it sprung right off. It was hinged at the bottom so it didn't go anywhere. - take a quick look at the base of the bulb, so you can put the new one in there in the same orientation. - tug on the base of the old bulb to get it out of there too. It has a rubber gasket so it might take a little tugging to get it free. - orient the new bulb the same way as the old one, and push it into the headlight unit. It should slide right in and feel snug. - snap the wire clip back into place, then put the plug back on. - go test your lights - both regular and high-beam. - if all is well, but the reservoir tank back and you're done! Hope this helps!

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