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Manual describes it in section 10-50. 1. Disconnect the electrical connector, then remove rubber cover. 2. Remove the retainer spring. 3. Replace the bulb, then set the retainers spring securely. 4. Install the rubber cover with the top mark facing up, then reconnect electrical connector.

This is simple and easy if the bulb assembly comes out easily. I completed steps 1 and 2 but instead of the bulb assembly simply sliding out the back cover on the contacts came off leaving me with the three contact prongs and nothing much to pull on.

I used a pair of pliers (if you have needlenosed it might be better/easier) and g e n t l y pried the rest of the bulb assembly out and the rest went smoothly.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb on a 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon?
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