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How do you replace the headlight lens located on a 1997 Ford Escort?

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2011-09-12 20:59:11
2011-09-12 20:59:11
Headlight ProblemsAre you changing them because they are dirty? If that's it try cleaning them instead.

I know exactly why you want to replace them...they are hazed over due to the plastic Ford used was the wrong kind, and it has corroded. easy fix. there are two ways to fix this problem depending on how bad off your headlamps are.

1) go to auto parts store and get meguires plastix cleaner and polish, it is in a black bottle...i believe. That stuff should take care of it if it is not too bad.

2) go to almost any local hardware store and get a heat gun (high temperature) use this and evenly spread the heat over the lens of the headlamp. Heat until the lens looks glossy over the entire surface. This is actually menting the plastic on one side and bonding it back together while the other side of the lens stays hard acting like a a wall keeping the melted plastic in place.

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Check Chilton's Ford Escort/Tracer 1991-99 Repair Manual.

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There are 4 screws located under the rubber on the edges of the headlight. These have to be removed in order to get the headlight out.

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1997 escort tranny's are a breed of their own you must replace it with a 1997 transmission.

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You replace the bulb the same as a 1998, which is answered further down the page.

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