Subaru Legacy

How do you replace the heater core on a Subaru Legacy Brighton 1991?


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With difficulty. Tried to remove the one in my 1997 and found that you really do have to remove the entire dash to access it. If you have it out already, try to get your hands on a new heater box, saves the hassle.

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Heater inlet hose on a 99 subaru legacy is on the passenger side coming out of the fire wall. One of only 2 hoses coming out of the fire wall.

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Usually take the car to the nearest Subaru dealer and have then fix it. They invented it, they should fix it.

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The rear defroster (demister) on a Subaru Legacy is built into the window. The lines going across the back window are actually the defrosters. If the vehicle is equipped with a rear wiper, the switch for this should be located below the radio and heater controls.

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