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Q: How do you replace the heater core on a Subaru Legacy Brighton 1991?
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Why are there two water pipes going into the dashboard of a subaru legacy?

For the heater core. All cars have them.

How do you replace a heater core in a 1999 subaru legacy gt?

With difficulty. Tried to remove the one in my 1997 and found that you really do have to remove the entire dash to access it. If you have it out already, try to get your hands on a new heater box, saves the hassle.

Where is the heater inlet hose on a Subaru 99 outback?

Heater inlet hose on a 99 subaru legacy is on the passenger side coming out of the fire wall. One of only 2 hoses coming out of the fire wall.

Why would the window in a 1989 Subaru Legacy be fogging and smelling like radiator fluid?

failed Heater core

What does one do when the AC heater controls in a Subaru 1996 legacy do not work suddenly?

Usually take the car to the nearest Subaru dealer and have then fix it. They invented it, they should fix it.

Where is the rear demister on a Subaru legacy?

The rear defroster (demister) on a Subaru Legacy is built into the window. The lines going across the back window are actually the defrosters. If the vehicle is equipped with a rear wiper, the switch for this should be located below the radio and heater controls.

Where can you find a heater fan motor for a 1996 Subaru Legacy L that is a right hand drive vechile?

take the 2 screws out of the bottom of the clove box and its right there

Subaru legacy Why does the Heater only blows cold air?

check your thermostat, if that isn't it you might need a new heater core. had one put in my f150 for about $150. With my car, it was Heater matrix clogged with radiator sealant. The workshop cleaned it and it's start working fine!

The blower fan has started clicking and water is dripping from underneath the dash on 02 Subaru Outback - any ideas what you should do?

replace heater core. replace fan.

Do the buttons on the heater controls of a 95 subaru legacy illuminate?

Some will, most wont. The A/C button should, but the others you'll need to learn in the light and remember for night driving.

Where is the block heater in a 2003 Subaru impreza outback?

2002/2003 subaru outback does not have one!!!!!!!!

How do you replace the heater core on a jimmy?

How do you replace the heater core on a jimmy?

Where is the heater blower motor in a 1999 subaru impreza?

The heater blower motor on a 1999 Subaru Impreza is in the engine compartment on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is located on the firewall.

How do you replace a heater on a 1988 Honda?

A "heater" or a "heater core"?

Blower fan not working on a 1995 Subaru Legacy Wagon?

The most common fault with any blower motors not working is usally the resistor switch which is located in the heater box its self. Richard @ Allander motors

How do you replace the bulb in the seat heater switch console of a 2001 Subaru Outback Limited Wagon?

The light in the switch can not be changed, the whole switch would need to be replaced.

How do you replace the heater core in a 1994 Cadillac STS?

how do u replace the heater core

Cracked heater core?

Replace it.Replace it.

How do you replace heater matrix in peugeot 206?

The heater matrix, in a Peugeot 206, can be replaced by removing the heater core and the hoses. With the heater core removed you can replace it with a new heater core.

How do you replace kerosene heater wick kero-sun omni230?

how do you replace a kerosene heater wick for a kerosun omni230 heater?

How do you replace a leaky heater hose in your silhouette?

How to replace a heater hose on a 2001 Oldsmobile silloute

How do you replace heater matrix on peugeot 307?

The heater matrix can be replaced by removing the heater core and temperature control cables. Replace the heater core and the control cables.

Will a cracked head gasket on a 1996 Subaru Legacy L 2.2L cause the car to overheat and the heater to blow out cold air also?

the blown head gasket would make it over heat. but it wouldn't cause the heater to blow cold, it should actually blow hot if that is wat happened

How do you install seat heater in a Subaru Outback?

I have not tried to install a seat heater. Assuming that you have a seat with heater that you wish to use, Subaru tends to not include the wiring unless that option was ordered from the factory. You will need to install all wiring up to the fuse panel.

Where can I get a heater motor wiring diagram for a 1992 subaru legacy wagon?

if you buy a hayns book it has all the wireing diograms for the whole car. it helped me with the stero wires cause i couldn't find a harness to put in an aftermarket stero.