How do you replace the hood release cable in a 1987 Chevy Celebrity?

I'm assuming that the end of the cable broke off and can no longer be pulled open from the interior hood release. There are two solutions to this problem. The first would be to replace the entire cable. In this case, you will need to open the hood. Which brings us to the second solution, which is to cut the old hood release cable about a foot from the end of it. You can access the cable with the hood closed by reaching your arm up under the front bumper until you can see your hand through the grill of the car. Then find the 1/4" thick black cable and cut it about a foot from the hood latch end. Then use pliers to pull the silver metal wires inside the cable until the hood opens. Then you will see your hood latch and where the cable attaches to it. Now if you just want to be able to access under the hood and don't care for an inside release, thread this short end of the cable through the grill or leave it hanging. You can use pliers to open the hood from now on. This is the method I used in two of my previous Celebritys. If you want to replace the cable, follow the cable you cut back through to the firewall and remove the weatherstripping grommet that it passes through. Then remove the driver's side kick panel (below the dash, forward of the driver's door and feed the broken end of the cable through the firewall. then disconnect the short end of the cable from the hood latch. Attach the new cable to the kick panel and feed the cable through that firewall, making sure to run it through the firewall, then the grommet, then around the underside of the left fender edge, and to the hood latch. Connect the end of the new cable to the hood latch. Then reconnect the kick panel, put the grommet back snugly in the firewall, and adjust the length of the cable until the system works properly. This is hard to explain, but experience trying to replace the cable is the best teacher. If I left anything out, please edit.