How do you replace the ignition switch in a 92 Chevy Cavalier?

We just finished doing this job so I hope this helped. First and foremost, disconnect your battery. You do not need to completely remove the steering wheel. First you do need to remove the panel that contains your horn (you will have to disconnect it as well). Then remove the 6 screws from the steering wheel. Remember the position your steering wheel was in so you do not mess up your alignment in the process. After that, you will remove the top and bottom panels behind the steering wheel. There should be 3 screws holding the bottom panel in. Remove those. You will also need to remove the handle on the left hand side of the steering wheel that adjusts the height of the steering wheel. It screws off. There will be two screws, one on either side of the steering wheel that connect the top and bottom panels together. Remove those. The panels should come apart fairly easily after this. Remove both of the panels. The ignition switch will be on the bottom left side of where the steering wheel was. It is held in by two screws and have two sets of wires coming out of it. Remove the screws first as this will allow you to remove the wires easier. Remove the two sets of wires. After this, take your new ignition switch and reverse the process: put the wires back in, put the screws back in and secure it in place (Before you put everything back together, temporarily reconnect your battery to make sure everything works. Disconnect your battery after the test and start reassembling.), replace both of the panels and screw in the two screws that hold the two panels together, put the three screws under the bottom panel back in place, put the steering wheel back on in the same position that you took it off and screw it back in place, reconnect your horn and put the panel for the horn back in place, and screw the handle to adjust your steering wheel height back into place. Reconnect your battery. After that, you should be good to go.