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First off I recommend taking it to Chevy, this is a big pain in the you know what. I just did it. First take off that little plastic plate in the lower forward part of the window, it looks like a small triangle, it should just lift out. Take out the two screws in the door arm rest. After that, pull out the little piece of trim around the broken door handle. Use a flathead screw driver to push down the three plastic tabs to remove it. Be careful I broke one of the tabs and had to get a new piece of trim. Next pull out the entire piece of door trim. Its set in there with little plastic locking tabs that pull out as you pry around the door. Once you pull all these white plastic tabs out pull out and lift up, it'll come off. Now you have exposed the metal. There is a rivet in the door handle holder that you'll need to drill out. Whether you do this without takin the interior metal door from off or leaving it on is up to you. Once that rivet is out you slide the door handle frame forward 1/2 and inch and it pops out. You have to remove the rods that go to the handle and the rod that goes to the lock. Getting you hands in the door frame to do this is tough. Use a metal working screw to replace the rivet when you re-install the new hanlde assembly. Test several times for smooth operation. Mine never got all that smooth. Especially check the lock. You don't want to have to pull the door trim off again to fix it up. Put the rest of it back together the way you took it apart. GL

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Q: How do you replace the interior door handle on a 95 Chevy Tahoe?
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