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1) DISABLE THE AIRBAGS (lock ignition, remove Bat- cable and wait 2 minutes before proceeding).

2) Remove the bezel surrounding the shifter by freeing its catches with a small screwdriver.

3) Reach through the resulting slot with a spring tool or similar hooked tool and release (from below) two of the four catches holding the status display and shifter-slot cover onto the rest of the shifter (If this is difficult, removing the rear console will give somewhat better access). Releasing both catches on either left or right side will free the cover. It will still be captive on the shifter stalk but you can rotate it to give access to the bulb.

4) Grasp the bulb gently with a rubber-padded tool and pull it free; alternatively reach down with suitable needle-nose pliers or such and engage the lamp socket; rotate it clockwise so it disengages and falls away below and then fish it out to get clear access to the bulb. If you do this you'll no doubt want to remove the rear console in order to reinsert the socket, unless your spacial perception and ingenuity are both pretty good and your hands don't shake that much.

5) Put it all back together, re-enable the airbags.

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Q: How do you replace the light bulb for the gear shift indicator in a 1998 Chevy Prizm?
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