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How do you replace the light on the automatic gear shift of a 2004 Toyota Corolla?

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This was on my 1998 Corolla, but the procedure should be the same. You must remove the center console to get at the burned out bulb. This can be tricky because Toyota doesn't make it easy to access this area. First, open up the stoage compartment in the console. Remove the little square of carpet and you will find two bolts. Removing them. Next, there is one screw on each side of the console, near the base. Remove these. Carefully remove the console. Pull rearward and lift the back up and ease it over the emergency brake handle. Once the console is removed, you will be able to see the back of the shifter housing. YOu will see a wire running up to the underside of the shifter console. Follow this wire until you find the black socket holding the bulb. By turning this a quarter to a half turn counter-clockwise, the socket should pull down and the bulb can be pulled out. The bulb is "bayonet-style"---it just plugs in and pulls out. If you have trouble reaching in with your fingers, try using a small wrench to turn the socket. Alternatively, you can very carefully use a pair of needlenose pliers to turn the bulb socket. The hardest part is trying to get the bulb socket to seat back into the shifter console. If this doesn't work, let me know and I will try to guide you through another process.

I just replaced the light bulb on the automatic gear shift of my 1997 Toyoto Corolla. I believe 1993-1997 Corollas are very similar.

1. Lift the little carpet in the console rear to the automatic gear shift. Pry with a small flat screwdriver will do the job.

2. Remove the three Philips head screws.

3. Remove one Philips head screws on each side of the rear console, they are located at the bottom front of the rear console panel. You may have to move the driver and passenger seat back to see the screws.

4. Grab the back of the rear console and gently wiggle, pull backward and lift upward. Pull the hand brake so it is easier to remove the loosened rear console panel.

5. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry the rectangular 'cushion' around the automatic gear shift. Gently pry at various spot and the rectangular 'cushion' will come off easily.

6. Now you are just one more plastic cover away from the burned bulb. The plastic cover that has those 'P'ark, 'R'everse, 'D'rive letters is held in place by four snap on latches. Use a small flat head screwdriver and gently push the black latches inward in a downward motion, once the screwdriver head gets inside the grey latch holder it will free the black latch. Work on each of the four latches in turn.

7. Wiggle the plastic cover until it is completely loosened from the four latches. Gently lift the plastic cover up. The automatic gear shift will stop the plastic from being lifted out completely. You still have enough room to work with. You will see the little burned bulb directly below those 'P'ark, 'R'everse, 'D'rive letters. Gently pull the bulb out. I got my replacement bulb at Canadian Tire, Motomaster instrument replacement bulb 194LL (clear, long lasting, 2 bulbs for $2.99Cdn). It is a push-on bulb.

8. Test the bulb by starting your car and dash lights.

9. Snap back the plastic 'P'ark, 'D'rive cover. Put back the rear console panel and finally the rectangular 'cushion' around the automatic gear shift.

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