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How do you replace the low beam bulb on 2000 VW Beetle?


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2015-07-15 19:45:20
2015-07-15 19:45:20

This process, for both the drivers-side and passenger-side, requires patience, excellent dexterity and a fair amount of mechanical aptitude.

Try this FIRST on the passenger side, as it is "easier" to access than the driver's side.

USE EXTREME CARE, because it's EASy to break the release lever.

1. Open the hood and look at the back end of the headlight assembly, directly behind the headlight.

2. Notice the hook-shaped "release lever" AND the small textured rectangular area, immediately adjacent to the "release lever".

3. Depress the textured area, with your index finger, to "unlock" the "release lever"

4. With your finger still depressing the textured "locking tab", CAREFULLY lift (rotate) the hook-shaped "release lever". This will unlock the entire headlight assembly.

NOTE: IF YOU CAN'T do this easily...STOP before you break the release's expensive to replace.

5. If the assembly is unlocked, reach behind the assembly, with your fingers, and "pull" the assembly toward the front (as though you are trying to push it out)

6. The headlight assembly should be loose and you will see that it is now protruding from the fender about 1/4" - 1/2".

7. Grasp the headlight assembly, with your fingertips, and carefully jiggle and pull the assembly out.

8. Remove the plastic cover from the back.

9. Replace the bulb

10. Replace the plastic cover

11. CAREFULLY slide the headlight assembly back into the guide-rails.


12. If the housing and guide-rails are dirty, clean them out with a rag moistened with window cleaner.

13. You may want to rub the guide-rails with a candle to "lubricate" them to make it easier to replace the assembly.

NOTES: a. It took me a little over 1.50 hours the first time I did this.

b. I just replaced both low-beams today and it took me about 30 minutes.

c. The drivers side requires a bit more time, only because the release lever is a little harder to get to.

AGAIN, if it seems TOO HARD to do...STOP and have your VW dealer assist.


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