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take the old one off. then put the new one on and top up with oil


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hi i need to now how to change the fuel pump on my vauxhall corsa 1.4 thanks steve

how do u fit a diesal injecter pump vauxhall mavano

in the fuel tank, access it under the rear seat.

wot number is the fuse for the fuel pump in a corsa c 2002? I have to change the fuel pump is this the correct way to cut the fuel supply??

£800 at Vauxhall franchised garage!

Year of vehicle? on a corsa c it will be on the left hand side of the engine next to the water pump, it is contained in an elbow shaped metal pipe.

To change a Vauxhall Corsa timing change you need to first remove the rocker cover, the alternator tensioner, heat shield, water pump, engine mount, and crankshaft pulley. Now that you have found the timing change, unscrew the timing chain guides, remove old chain, and replace with new chain.

Drain all the water off,air filter box off, engine mounting off, undo all the bolts on the pump,remove all inlet and outlet hoses. Reassembly replace with new gaskets and hose clips and tighten pump bolts,replace engine mounting+ air filter box, refill water with antifreeze, done

its located in the fuel tank,there is an inspection cover under the rear seat under a black plastic cover

Had the same problem, there is a filter between the washer bottle and the pipe which was blocked. Hubby cleaned this and now it works fine.

Weak fuel pump? Bad fuel filter? Bad air filter? Plugged catalytic converter? I had the same problem with my Corsa, changing my mass air flow meter fixed it!!

wher is fuel pump located on diesel vauxhall veectra

it depends on if it is a common rail or not but they are quite easy to do if you have the locking kits for the cam shafts or not

The thermostat on a 53 plate corsa sxi is in back of the water pump

petrol or diesel if its petrol its on the pump if its the 1.7di then its behind the pump

I know where the fuse box is. but i have lost my manual and i was wondering if any one could tell me which fuse it is exactly, i have checked them all but i just want to make sure. thanks

It is inside the fuel tank

Sorry for the fatuous answer, but this really is not worth doing! If you must do it, then I would suggest you locate a later model Corsa in a breakers yard, that has PAS and remove the parts required; pulleys, PAS pump, steering rack and piping. Most things are possible as far as vehicle upgrades are concerned, but, as I said, this is not worth it!

Hi, i have a W reg corsa B 1 liter 12 valve and the fuel pump relay is in the fuse board on the right hand side of the steering wheel, it is the purple square one and all you have to do is pull it out, i had to use long nose pliers coz my fingers were too fat to fit around it to pull it

replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo replace water pump on a 1994 rodeo 6 cylinder

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