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How do you replace the passenger side mirror of 2000 Toyota Sienna?


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It really isn't that bad. First remove the door panel. (The connector for the mirror is behind the panel just to the left of the door handle.) The arm rest cover pops off by gently prying upward at the corners near the door panel and along the outer edge of the arm rest. Then remove the 2 screws. Remove the screw that holds the door handle bezel on. Remove the little plastic plug to the left of the door handle as well. This reveals yet another screw to remove. Now you can gently pull the door panel away from the door. The little plastic clips will pop out of the door. If they come away from the door panel they easily fit back in place in the metal retainers built into the door panel. You can now disconnect the connector and remove the 3 10mm mirror bolts.

With respect to the door handle bezel on the inside of the door, to remove it you must pull/slide the bezel away from the door hinge. It should move an 1/8 to 1/4 inch. There is a little tab that hooks inside the door handle mechanism and two small holes, top and bottom, that slip over little pegs on the mechanism. I broke this tab while removing the bezel on my car. This was the most difficult part, on my car, to remove.

Getting the door handle bezel off is definitely the most mysterious part of removing the door panel, but it's easy if you know exactly what to do!

The previous post implies that you can slide the bezel toward the rear. This can only be done AFTER the two tabs that are mentioned are disconnected from the round pegs that they are connected to. The pegs are only about 1/32 of an inch high, and are part of the door handle mechanism. They are on the vertical axis of rotation of the door handle and lock button. One peg is just above the lock button, and the other is just below the door handle. The two tabs that engage these short pegs are part of the bezel. You can disconnect the tabs from the pegs with a thin screwdriver. Slide the screwdriver between the upper side of the lock button and the bezel, just behind the axis of rotation of the button. Pry up the tab by pushing the screwdriver handle DOWN, lifting the tab off the upper peg, and pull the top edge of the bezel away from the door panel. Do the same thing between the lower edge of the door handle and the bezel, pulling the screwdriver handle UP to disengage the tab from the lower peg, and pull the bottom side of the bezel away from the door panel.

Now the bezel moves easily. Wiggle it a little toward the rear of the car to disengage the remaining tab, which is about 1 1/4 inches forward of the screw hole, and fits into a slot in the door handle mechanism.


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The passenger side mirror on a 2001 Toyota Sienna is mounted by screws. To replace the mirror remove the mounting screws and unplug the wire clip.

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The mirror is going to come from the dealer. You will then need to buy a book on how to replace the unit.

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Hey Lee==there are screws on the inside of the door.Be careful as there are a lot of sharp edges there. GoodluckJoe

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