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How do you replace the passenger window switch 1992 corvette?


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Very careful pry it out with a small thin flat head screw driver, put tape on the screw driver to keep from scratching the surrounding area

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How do I replace the power window switch on 1977 Corvette coupe

Defective passenger power window switch. It is stuck in the down position. Raise the window and immediately disconnect the switch until you can replace it.Defective passenger power window switch. It is stuck in the down position. Raise the window and immediately disconnect the switch until you can replace it.

well iam a retard you have take off the door panel to get to the motor but to replace the window switch get a flathead sd and stick it under the front of the switch holder and lift up

pop the clips that are holding the Electric window switch and pull the switch out replace it and place it back in with the clips. if you broke the clips you will have to replace them. they only cost 1.05 at Chevy shop....

The switch could be bad at the passenger seat. The switch could be bad at the passenger seat.

had same problem; check switch on driver side ., if it operates the passenger side ok, then just replace the driver side window switch .. $20 part from the dealer.

how to replace window toggle switch 1999 buick century

The motor could be burnt out on the window. This is more than likely what has happened. The motor can be replace for a low cost.


how do you replace front passenger window switch on a 2000 chev malibu

Replace the switch ! It is really not that expensive and it will fix the problem !! If it works from the drivers door replace the switch on the door that doesn't work ! If it works at that door replace the drivers switch ! KM

Remove the decorative cover to the window switch panel. Remove the window switch retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the window switch. Reverse the process to install the new window switch.

you have to replace the central switch cluster in whole. cant be repaired individually.

There is only one fuse for all power windows. If only the passenger side window does not work, the problem is either with the passenger window switch or the motor on that window.

Your switch could be worn out you would have to replace the rocker to the switch or replace the whole window switch console.

Try swapping it with the driver's side switch

Replace the switch. There are no "user parts" inside that can be repaired, and the labor to fix a switch will be far greater than just buying a new one.

If you mean the extra switch on the drivers side power window control it cuts power to the passenger side window switch. Handy if you have kids.

It has no specific fuse. Check the switch, first, since it's the first thing to go. You can remove the switch panel and swap wiring harnesses with the back window. If that switch moves the window up and down, order a new switch from If it still doesn't work, open the door panel and check to see if you're getting electricity to the door window motor. If you are, then you'll have to replace the motor. here is an excellent how to with pictures

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