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How do you replace the power steering pump in a 1988 Town Car?



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Rent a pulley puller and installer kit from your local auto parts store, get replacement fluid also. I suggest removing the fan and shroud for much easier acess. disconnect pressure hose(dont remove the big pressure fitting,just the line itself). Disconnect bottom return hose,simple hose clamps. Remove pulley with the puller kit, they have simple instructions in kit. This gives yoy acess to three mounting bolts on the pump itself. remove those, pump should come right out,have to turn and wiggle a bit, but, it will come out. Place new pump in bracket, holding in place with one hand, start the 3 mounting bolts in mounting holes in new pump. tighten the to secure pump in place. reconnect pressure line tight,if you see a drip ,snug it up a little at a time until no drip.start car, turn wheels a couple of times,left and right,turn off and add fluid as necessary. you should be ready to drive. Phil Turner