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How do you replace the serpentine belt located on a Pontiac Grand Am SE?

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May 11, 2006 3:15AM

In order to change your belt u must first give support to your engine, either by using an engine jack or a "cherry picker". Next, you will have to remove the top mount located on the side of the engine nearest the belt. Then you will lift your engine, about 6 inches, in order to rock it forward a little bit. Then you will need a serpentint belt tool, this is used to loosen the nut on your pulley. After that, use the tool to move the pully; this will loosen your serpentine belt, from there just remove the belt. Replacing the belt is the exact opposite of how u took it off. It should take about 30 minutes to an hour if this is your first time. I hope that I have properly answer your query. EDIT I will assume that you have a 4cyl either the I4 2.4L (LD9) or 2.2L Ecotec (L61). I have 1st hand experience with the LD9. The belt I assume you want to replace drives the alternator and AC compressor. The belt is driven by the crank pulley itself, and is also tensioned by the, well, tensioner. This belt is VERY easy to replace. When you are all ready to dive in (motor off, hood up, battery unplugged, e brake pulled, etc) then here are the basic steps. You will need an appropriate sized and length (for maximum torque) wrench. Locate the tensioner. In the middle of the tensioner pulley, there is a bolt. Use your wrench to pull counterclockwise on the tensioner. This will release tension on the belt and allow slack so that the belt will easily side off the other 3 pulleys. Once the belt is off 1 of the pulleys, it is safe to release the pressure on the tensioner. The belt should easily slide out of the engine bay alltogether. Installation is the reverse. Make sure that you note which side goes up. The pulleys are either ribbed or smooth. Anyone should be able to figure that out. Hope this helps.