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How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire GT?

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2006-09-23 02:32:16

This is a technique I picked up in the middle of I-10 in New

Orleans, in 104 degree heat, during peak traffic. (frustration is

one hell of a motivator). You'll need two tools for this: 1: a 15mm

box-end wrench or socket & ratchet to force the tensioner to

compress. 2: a large, flat head screwdriver to pry the belt onto

the alternator pulley. As you can guess, this requires both hands

doing working independently of one another. Lace the belt, then

place the blade of the screwdriver between the alternator pulley,

and part of the belt that will go over it. It'll be very tight, and

you can damage the belt and / or alternator if you're not careful.

You will be facing the car for this part, and the space is tight.

Place your socket / ratchet or wrench on the bolt at the center of

the tensioner, while still keeping tension on the screwdriver &

belt. In one motion, you will compress the tensioner (clockwise as

viewed from the passenger side) and pry the belt over the

alternator pulley. Get in, and drive away. Diagrams are here; us a 15mm wrench or

socket what ever is easier and lift the tensioner by the nut in the

center and take the belt off one of the pulleys Diagram; see a post a few up

from this one for your answer.

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