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How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1998 Jaguar XJ-8?


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This is actually a fairly straight-forward and easy job. I completed it in my garage in about 15 minutes.

0. Make sure engine is COOL. otherwise, you WILL burn yourself.

1. Take a picture or diagram the path of your existing serpentine belt. This is critical to getting the new belt on. While it will only "fit" 1 way, it is much easier knowing how to "snake" the belt around, in-between and under the water pump, alternator, a/c compressor, tensioner, etc...

2. the tensioner is the key. you will need the biggest ratchet (3/4") that you have and it is even easier with a "breaker" bar (long bar that increases your torque, with socket head on end).

3. The belt tensioner is (using a clock face) about 2:00 - 3:00 oclock from the main crankshaft pully (if you were standing in front of the car, looking through the radiator, at the front of the engine). It has a 15mm or 17mm nut on it's center. If you put a socket to it, the tensioner will move by applying pressure in the counter-clockwise direction. This is compress the spring insid the tensioner, it will move in and provide slack for the belt.

4. SO, snake the new belt into position except for going around the tensioner.

5. (This is a little tricky) With the belt "almost" in place, place the socket inside the belt and onto the tensioner nut/bolt, so that when you compress the tensioner, the belt will be able to slip onto the tensioner pully. Apply the counter-clockwise pressure to the tensioner, creating enough roon to slip the belt into place and in the correct grooves. Release the tensioner and you are done!

I was able to replace my belt without removing ANYTHING from the front of the engine. If you must have the room you can remove the electric fan shroud by unbolting the two top bolts behind the radiator and disconnecting the two electrical feeds (on to each fan motor). The shrould will pivot back and lift out. It is easy, but not necessary to remove this item.

Good luck!


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