How do you replace the spark plugs on a 2002 Buick Rendezvous V6?

Obviously, the front three are fairly easy to reach. The rear three are the real problem. The easiest way to do the rear three is to jack the front of the vehicle up, crawl underneath until you can see the back of the engine from the ground, get real comfortable, making sure the engine and exhaust are cooled down, reach your arm up and pull the boots, very carefully.... then replace the spark plugs. You will not be able to see the plugs themselves, but this seems to be the easiest way. (just replaced the head gaskets on my wife's 02 rend., what a chore!)

What you need the most for the back 3 is PATIENCE, it's very tight, very strenuous and will take sometime, about 2 hours for me, (take a break or two, you're going to need it). You have to remove the boots as mentioned earlier, mine were very hard too take off, took all my strength. Do one plug at a time. You will need a deep socket with a short extension. Wear a long sleeve shirt too. Good luck!!!

This is "BBAASPENCER" here in TN and I would like to give you another answer. Actually, the correct way GM list in their service manual is to take off the engine dog bones, attach a pulling strap to the engine and hoist and roll it until you gain access. That is the same procedure for many SUV/Van GM front wheel drives. If the first procedure listed here works for you, I'm okay with that. I just wanted to give you another option. Here is a video on this new engine tool. Will try it soon to see of it works.