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Open the trunk and on the side you will see a clip, unscrew the 'clip' and pull the fabric down gently. This will expose the tail light bulb holders. Turn the light bulb holders until they come out, about 1/2 turn. remove bulb and replace.

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โˆ™ 2010-08-08 20:15:07
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Q: How do you replace the tail lights on a 2000 Toyota Echo?
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How do you replace the rear 2000 Toyota Echo lights?

There is an access panel in the trunk. Its very easy to change the bulb.

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Pretty sure its the same as the 2000 Toyota echo, see related link.

How much to replace 2003 Toyota Echo trans?

$1500 to $2000

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hi i have smal question,how to change thermostat in Toyota echo 2000 thanks

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take it to the Toyota dealership and ask them to replace it

Download Toyota Echo 2001 manual?

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Don't fix them, replace them. Its an easy job, see related link.

Where can you find a diagram of the brakes for a Toyota 2000 Echo?

search for echo manual torrent

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See related link, the question has been answered before.

When to replace timing chain on 2003 Toyota Echo?

when it breaks

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about $1500 AU

Why is ac on 2000 Toyota Echo not working?

If the A/C is not working on a 2000 Toyota Echo, the pump may need to be recharged. It is also possible that the belt for this is broken or the thermostat is sticking.

How many kilometers will you get in Toyota Echo?

Mine is a Toyota echo 2000 sedan. It does about 12 to 15 KMPL per 1 petrol litre.

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there are no 2000 yaris that would be an echo

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I'm pretty sure there will be no fuel pump on the 20,000 toyota echo. Also pretty sure there won't be a 20,000 toyota echo. But if you want to check the fuel pump on a 2000 toyota echo, see related links and questions.

Can i replace my 2003 Toyota Echo antenna?

You can replace your 2003 Toyota Echo antenna. Remove the antenna retaining nut. Remove the cable from the bottom of the antenna. Reverse the process to install the new antenna.

Where is the fuel pump on a 2000 Toyota Echo?

Inside the fuel tank.

How do you replace lights on 2003 Toyota Echo dash?

Depends on which lights. Pull off the climate control knobs and take out both screws. Give the dash a tug from the sides near the compartments and you can pull the whole thing out.

What is cost of maf sensor for 2000 Toyota Echo?

the price i paid at the local Toyota dealer was around 177.00 for maf on my 2000 Toyota echo stmptoms were car weak power delayed fuel pickup this fixed it.plenty of power now

How do you replace front wheel bearings on a 2001 Toyota Echo?

go to dealer

How much does it cost to replace a clutch assembly on a Toyota Echo?


When I drive my Toyota Echo 2000 car on speed hump there some noising in front right side what is that?

When I drive my TOYOTA Echo 2000 car on speed hump there some noising in front right side what is that?

Reason for 2000 Toyota Echo to hesitate on acceleration from stop?

The primary reason for hesitation on acceleration from stop on a 2000 Toyota Echo is a dirty fuel system. This can include clogged fuel injectors or a dirty fuel filter.