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The tail light housing has to come off and then you can get to the bulbs in back.Goodluck, Joe

Open the tailgate & remove 2 small Phillips head screws (the top one is in the latch plate) be carefully not to loose the screws as they may be hard to come by. After both screws are out carefully pull the taillight(new housings are about $100 each from the Chevy dealer W/O markup) housing away & back (there are 2 patristic pins on the front of the housing. If you break those pins your housing is junk or you could replace them with small long screws. Anyway once the housing is off There are 3 bubs. The small one on the side is used when the taillights are on. The other 2 twist off much the same way only there is a thumb tab that needs to be pressed (much like a bottle of antifreeze) The bulbs have a wedge shape simply Pull them & they should come out no problem. If the glass Breaks off from the Plastic base you will need a pare of needle nose pliers to remove the base. Take the complete bulb to the auto store if you don't know what bulb to buy.

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Q: How do you replace the taillight on a 2000 Chevy S-10?
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