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Follow the top radiator hose to the engine. There is a radiator hose clamp, remove that for easier access to the bolts. There is a removable piece attached to the engine.(2-3 bolts) The thermostat sits in here. Remove the thermostat (piece has a spring) Remember how you took it out and replace the new one in the same way. Put on a new gasket and sealer. Tighten bolts. Replace hose. All Done. Remove the top water line from the radiator to the water pump. The thermostat is found there. In most cases-- Drain about 1 gallon of coolant from radiator Follow upper radiator hose to engine it should connect to a housing remaovable by 2 bolts Remove housing - note how thermostat is installed and install new in same position Clean both surfaces well Install new gasket Tighten both bolts securely and evenly Fill Radiator Slowly to prevent becoming "airbound" Start car and check for leaks Warm to Normal operating temp and check coolant level On some vehicles the thermostat is inline with the lower radiator hose.


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