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How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1995 Nissan?


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2015-07-15 20:06:26
2015-07-15 20:06:26

The thermostat on a 95 Nissan pickup with the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine is located in the housing where the *lower* radiator hose connects to the engine. It's right below the power steering pump, and moving the pump out of the way makes access much easier (4 bolts).


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the same way you replace it on any car you buy a chilton manual for your car and a thermostat and then follow the instuctions in the manual

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The 1995 Nissan: temperature sensor is located on the front of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be near the thermostat housing.

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follow your top radiator hose to your intake,its in their.

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The thermostat on my 95 pathfinder v6 is located in the thermostat housing on the front of the engine. The lower radiator hose connects to the housing. .

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The hose that goes in the top of the engine, the thermostat is in the hose.Unscrew the hose take the thermostat out and replace,Very easy

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