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How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier?


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First you want to reduce the coolant level by taking some coolant out of the system.You do this by removing radiator cap and then you locate the radiator drain plug at the front of the car not on the engine side on the driver side front radiator tank. You drain in to a clean pan. Next below the alternator you will see a housing jutting out from the engine that is the thermostat housing.Remove the hose that connected to this housing then remove the two 8mm bolts and you will see the thermostat with a rubber seal. Replace thermostat with new seal. Reinstall reverse procedure. But you will have to bleed the air from system on the coolant return pipe under the coil pack. You will see a 9/32 brass bolt threaded into this pipe.With engine NOT running loosen and wait until coolant flows from the pipe and no more air bubbles coming out .Now top off your coolant. Your finished.

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where do i find the thermostat for 99 cavalier

Remove the water supply hose from your 1988 Chevy Cavalier thermostat housing. Remove the thermostat housing bolts. Lift the old thermostat out and drop in the new thermostat.

To replace the thermostat on a 91 Cavalier you need to drain the radiator. Remove the top radiator hose and water inlet. Remove the thermostat from under the inlet. Install the new thermostat and reinstall the inlet and hose. Fill the radiator with fresh antifreeze.

Remove the water supply hose from the top of your 2005 Chevy Cavalier thermostat housing. Remove the thermostat housing retaining bolts. Lift the old thermostat out and drop in the new thermostat.

It will be in the thermostat housing where the radiator house connects to your motor.

If it's an automatic you will have to remove the exhaust manifold because the thermostat is located on the backside of the engine on the driver's side under the exhaust manifold.

how do you change a thermostat sensor in a 2001 Chevy cavalier and where is it

The thermostat on a Chevy 2.2 engine should be located under the top hose inlet. The top hose as well as the inlet need to be removed to get to the thermostat.

The thermostat is located in the thermostat housing at the engine end of the top radiator hose.

i need to find location of fuel filter on 1993 Chevy cavalier

Usually in housing at engine end of upper radiator hose

At the engine end of the upper rad hose, Make sure when you replace it you put the spring toward the enigne. IS THERE A PICTURE TO SHOW WHERE?

the thermostat is located behind the water pump. there are 2 8mm bolts holding it in. unscrew, pull old thermostat out, put new one in and put back together. Simple - 9 I would have given it a 10 but the bottom bolt can be a pin to get to.

I would replace the thermostat. This sounds like the thermostat is stuck open.

Take a look where the lower radiator hose connects to the engine. Where the hose connects, you should find the thermostat.

Where is the thermostat located in a 2004 Chevy SSR

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Where is the stater located on a Chevy Cavalier located?

When viewing the engine from the drivers side fender, the thermostat is located on the right rear of the block. Follow the radiator hose that travels over the transmission and it will lead you right to it.

It is at the engine end of the top radiator hose.The housing is the thermostat housing and the thermostat is located therein.

The thermostat is located under the housing cover bolted on the motor. follow the top radiator hose to the motor. the thermostat is under the hose flange that the radiator hose attaches to.

located in front of rear axecel passanger side

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