How do you replace the water pump on a 1996 Ford Aspire?

Start by Putting a jack under the oil pan. Lift just a bit. Then take off the air intake, with the air filter (whole thing). Then there is a engine mount under it (on left side of car 'passenger' side) No remove the bolt and raise engine with jack. MAKE SURE THAT EVERY THING IS OUT OF THE WAY (FOR TO RAISE ENGINE). Now remove the belts (by moving the power stearing pully (top right 'little' to left) make it easy to remove the first belt. Now for the second belt remove the water pump pully (center top) and now both belts are removed. Now take off the drive belt casing (black casing behind water pump pully). Then remove (after marking) the timing belt. Then remove the water pump and replace. Then just go back in reverse steps! DONE