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u will need to remove the front right wheel and the panel cover behind it. u will have to remove the top motor support so that u can remove timing belt(which u shoud go ahead and replace due to difficulty and also since it drives ur water pump. u will have to release the tension on the belt tensioner. if u have a small punch, keep it near by because the tensioner has a hole in the bottom of it that u will need to stick the punch in to hold the tensioner back. remove belt. the water pump will actually be two parts. u have the front part which has the blades in it and you have the base which attaches to the block. if u can afford, go ahead and just replace both just to be on the safe side. the pump will be visilable and all the bolts. if u have a good set of gear wenches or a small rachet set, it wil make the job that much easier due to lack of space between motor and side wheel well. u wil see the tensioner and two rollers. u will need to look at the tensioner and both rollers. check the rollors to make sure they spen freely and are not loose any kind of way. make sure the tensioner is still tight and gives good tension against the belt. all ur bolts will be metric so have a set of metric tools on handas I'm sure u already know. u will definitely need a 7mm,11mm, and a 13mm. once u have the pump visible and the belt removed, go ahead and remove the front of the pump. look carefully because all of the bolts will not need to be removed to get the front of the pump off. once u remove the front of the pump, u will see the base I'm referring too. u will need to make sure all the gasket material is removed so get u some fine sand paper and rub the other portion of the base,unless u have bought the whole pump. please make sure u buy a good quaility pump. advance auto parts and orielly's i know have pretty good pumps, unless u want to go to the dealer which will cost 250 plus and if u want the whole pump, its 400. advance and crew offer it for rougly a 100 dollars but only have the front of the pump which is okay if u go that route. make sure u use some good gasket material because u can't afford leaks. go ahead and install pump. and reinstall everthing the same way u took it off.if u have more questions u can email me and i will talk you through it. the job will take you roughly 3 hours. since u are replacing the pump, make sure u replace the thermostat. i used the dealer for a lot of parts to save mix ups concerning parts since chrsyler parts are mostly dealer sold concerning that car

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1997 Chrysler Sebring?
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