How do you replace the water pump on a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora?


When removing the pump unit with special tool (some auto-parts stores rent them), TURN CLOCKWISE TO LOOSEN the pump-unit, counter-clockwise to tighten. The Torq Specs for the pump-unit is: 73 Foot Pounds. There are stop tabs on the pump-unit that mate with the tab stoppers on the main water pump housing unit. I had to re-torq by visually viewing where the stop tabs where after the first torq, don't over-torq or you will bend the tab stoppers on the pump unit. ALSO...the water pump-unit front cover requires a new rubber gasket (you'll have to order it through GM or use RTV silicone under the old gasket, which has a grooved fitting inside the front cover). The Torq Specs for the front cover (5 bolts) and water neck cover (2 bolts) is: 89 Inch Pounds. Those small bolts tighten normal, clockwise.

without the special socket, you wont. you can do a google search of Oldsmobile Aurora water pump tool or cadillac northstar water pump tool, or something similar and you will be able to locate one. they range in price from about 15.00 to 100.00. you get what you pay for. i own a 96. remove thermostat hose and housing. release tension on belt via idler pulley and remove belt. there are 4-5 bolts holding the cover over the impeller to expose it, but you will need that tool (socket) to release the impeller.