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How do you replace the water pump on a 1999 VW Jetta?


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assuming this is a 4cyl transverse engine: Purchase a new pump and gasket. Jack up the passenger side front of the car, support the unit well. Remove the wheel and tire. Remove the lower radiator hose and drain the coolant into a pan, reuse if not dirty. From the wheel well loosen and remove the 3 hex (6mm?) socket metric bolts on the pump. From the top loosen the alternator and remove the alternator belt. Go underneath and remove the pump pulley. Remove the 10 mm bolts from the pump, make note of the special T bolt. Memorize the pump orientation, use a rubber mallet to tap the pump loose and remove. Clean the gasket surface on the pump housing. Use a sharp stick to scrape, do not damage the sealing surface of the pump body or the unit will leak. Install the gasket and new pump insert in correct orientation. Installation is reverse of removal. When ready fill the engine with coolant from the upper radiator hose. Turn the heater on full temp. Install the hose and fill the over flow tank. Run the engine and check for leaks, mind the engine temperature. Do not let it overheat. While it idles view the overflow tank through the cap fill hole. The hose that comes from the top of the radiator will spurt and bubble and works to help clear the air out of the cooling system. Make sure that the tank does not run dry, fill to marks. Next day check and top up. Keep an eye on the tank level for a few days. Be happy you just saved a couple hundred bux by doing it yourself.


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