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TAke it to a auto trim shop. This is not a job vor an amature. TAike the door panel off by taking the door havdle off then all the screws you can find. then the retainers on the sides and bottom of the panel.When all is loose, pull out on the bottom and push in on the top and raise up on the panel to disengage from the door. Spedial tools are needed/

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Tools required

10 mm socket and 3" extension

#2 Phillips screwdriver

putty knife

wire cutter

door panel removal tool - available from any auto parts store

straight blade screwdriver

Estimated time to replace 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Cost of new actuator AND motor - $50 on eBay - 11/07

This procedure assumes a rear door motor and lift mechanism will be installed.

1 - remove trim piece from around the door handle by prying it out along the top and front edges. Once loosened, it comes unhinged from the back edge.

2 - remove the Phillips head screw from metal bracker, that is revealed after removing the trim piece

3 - pry the inside light assembly from the door panel and remove the bulb socket from the housing. Remove the Phillips head screw that is revealed after removing the light (this may only apply to front door).

4 - pry the door panel from the frame using a panel removal tool by starting at the bottom (this GM design is greatly improved from the old assembly system - ie: 94 Chevy Caprice) and releasing the 7 plastic studs from the frame.

5 - Remove the 2 mounting bolts for the rear door controller and disconnect the cables.

6 - use a putty knife and door removal tool to remove the plastic vapor barrier.

7 - reach inside the door and locate the cable that is attached to the bottom of the lift mechanism and then cut it.

8 - push the window glass to the full UP position (this will locate it horizonally and vertically) and tape it in place.

9 - near the top of the sheet metal there will be 2 openings (1 square and 1 round). When the glass is in the full up position, there will be (2) 10 mm bolts in view. Loosen these bolts which will open the rubber coated clamps on the bottom of the glass. The lift mechanism will free fall to the bottom position when these bolts are loose.

10 - remove the window lift motor plug and (3) 10 mm nuts that hold the lift mechanism in place and remove through the opening at the front of the inner door sheet metal. It will take a little bit of turning and twisting to remove the unit.

11 - loosen (do not remove) the 2 bolts for the window clamps on the new unit before installing.

12 - make sure the new unit is not in the full up position before installing.

13 - install the new lift mechanism in the door and tighten the (3) 10 mm mounting nuts.

14 - connect the power plug into the new lift motor

15 - temporarily connect the rear door controller, turn on the ignition and slowly raise the new lift mechanism using the window up switch on the driver's door.

16 - when the lift is in the full up position, tighten the window glass clamps using the same access holes as when you removed the glass clamps.

17 - slowly cycle the window down and up to make sure it doesn't bind

18 - disconnect the read door controller and reverse the process for assembly

19 - make sure the rear door light socket and bulb are not trapped behind the plastic.

A PDF document with pictures is available by sending a request to - include "Buick Window Pictures" in the subject line.

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Q: How do you replace the window regulator on a 2001 Buick LeSabre?
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