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Q: How do you replace upper ball joints on a 1996 Mercury Cougar?
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How do you replace the upper ball joints on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze do you need to replace the whole control arm or are they pressed in?

You have to replace the whole control arm on front upper ball joints in that particular vehicle.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 2002 Mercury Cougar V6?

In the valley under the upper intake.

Where is the therostat located in a 1993 Mercury Cougar V8?

where the upper rad hose meets the engine

Is it possible to do a front end alignment with worn upper ball joints?

To do so would be a waste of money, replace the upper ball joints first, then have it aligned.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1999 Mercury Cougar 2.0L?


How do you replace ball joints on a 1999 ford expedition?

which ones? upper or lower?

Should you replace the upper ball joints after replacing the lower ball joints on a 2005 Ford Taurus?

There are no upper ball joints - that role is played by the McPherson struts. See "Related Questions" below for more

Where is the thermostat located on a 2002 mercury cougar?

Should be in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose

Replace upper ball joints on dodge 2500 pickup?

I've done it on a 1996 ram 1500 it's a pain and you have no choice but to replace both the upper and lower

How do you remove upper ball joints from drivers side?

replace the upper control arm and take it to aligment shop it will be the right process

How do i replace upper ball joints 2002 ford excursion?

Most of these now require changing the entire arm when replacing the upper ball joints. Any national parts chain will carry them.

Does anyone have any detailed instructions on how to replace upper ball joints on a 1986 Toyota 4WD SR5 Truck and do you know if the ball joints are pressed in?


How do you remove alternator on 2000 cougar?

It should be the same as for a 2002 Mercury Cougar which is answered in WikiAnswer under the Question; " How to remove alternator from a 2002 Mercury Cougar 2.5L V6." The 2000 Cougar may be different by having an upper alternator BOLT. If it does, and you can't lift the bolt out (after fully loosening the bolt), lower the alternator and you can, then, lift the bolt out. When you begin to install the alternator (attach the power wire, and the wire connector) place the BOLT in the upper hole in the alternator, and THEN, raise the alternator to install.

Where is the thermostat on a 2000 V4 Mercury Cougar?

Follow the upper radiator hose to engine--should be located in housing that hose connects too.

How do you find the IACV on a 1999 cougar?

The IACV on a '99 Mercury Cougar V6 is on the top right of the Upper intake manifold, there is a hose leading from the intake tubing to the IACV. On the I4 Zetec Cougar, I am not sure where the IACV is, though I believe it is on the side of the throttle body.

Replace tierods and upper and lower ball joints in 96 gmc 4x4 seirra?

Change lower ball joints on a 96 gmC 4 by 4

How do you replace ball joints on a F-150 2006 fwd?

This depends on upper or lower ball joints. If you need to replace the upper ball joints, you must replace the upper control arm. For the lowers, you will need a ball joint press, and some snap ring pliers. Be careful with the spring when taking the spindle apart from the control arms. (spring type suspension) Have to unload the torsion bar (Torsion Bar suspension) You will need a special tool to do this

How do you replace ball joints on 2004 2WD Ranger?

To replace ball joints on a 2004 2WD Ranger, lift the upper control arm of the spindle assembly and remove the nut holding the lower ball joint in place. Then lower the lower control arm to relieve the ball joints. Replace with new.Ê

How much does it cost to have upper ball joints replaced in a mercury marquis?

Hi there,I have a 94 Mercury Marquis It cost me $19.00 for the balljoint and I did it myself.The labor is what is going to cost you.Its not hard at all to replace yourself.I did both sides of mine for under $40.00.All shops have different prices. I also did mine myself. Ball joints should be $20-$35 / ea depending on brand and quality and it take just a few tools to do. There are some good instructions specific to your vehicle at... Be sure and have a front-end alignment done after you replace the ball joints.

How do you get the upper dash bezel out to replace the fan control switch in a 99 cougar?

Go to

Are the ball joints on the lower control arms on a 2000 ford explorer xls 4x2 replaceable or do you need to replace the whole lower control arm?

You can replace just the ball joints on the lower control arms , but the upper ball joints come with a new control arm

Where is the oil sending unit on a 1994 Mercury Cougar?


How do I replace lower and upper ball joints on 1985 Ford F150?

you will probably need a ball joint press and a splitter

How do you replace front ball joints on 91 Nissan 4x4 King Cab?

on the upper ball joints just remove the four bolts on the upper control arm and use a picker fork to remove the balljoint from the steering knuckle. for the lower ball joints you have to remove the axle then repeat the same steps for the uppers

How much does it cost to replace the upper ball joints on 1998 dodge ram van on a dodge ram van 1998?

I just paid $400 for upper ball joints on a 2001 dodge ram van. Also had to get $50 alignment. That was at Tire Discounters.