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How do you replace water pump on 2000 Plymouth voyager 4-cylinder?


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# Disconnect negative cable from battery. # Raise vehicle on a hoist.Remove inner fender shield. # Remove accessory drive belts. # Drain cooling system. # Support engine from the bottom and remove right engine mount. # Remove right engine mount bracket. # Remove timing belt. # Remove timing belt idler pulley. # Remove both cam sprockets. # Remove rear timing belt cover. # Remove water pump attaching screws to engine == # Install new O-ring gasket in water pump body O-ring groove # Assemble pump body to block and tighten screws to 12 N·m (105 in. lbs.) Pressurize cooling system to 15 psi with pressure tester and check water pump shaft seal and O-ring for leaks. # Rotate pump by hand to check for freedom of movement. # Install rear timing belt cover. # Install camshaft sprockets and torque bolts to 101 N·m (75 ft. lbs.) # Install timing belt idler pulley and torque mounting bolt to 61 N·m (45 ft. lbs.) # Install timing belt. # Install right engine mount bracket and engine mount. # Fill cooling system. # Install accessory drive belts. # Lower vehicle and connect battery cable.


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Where is the water pump located on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

Not an easy job. Get a manual on your car from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM.

This is not an easy job. Get a manual on your car and it will help on the next repair.

Yes it can run but will overheat very quickly. If the pump is bad you will have to replace it.

On a 1990 Plymouth Voyager 3.0, the water pump is located behind the timing cover. The timing belt is what drives the water pump.

water pump on this 3.0 is driven with the timing belt. it is internal water pump you will have to set your timing before you start replace your timing belt if it is worn out.

how do i remove the water pump on a 98 voyager 3.0 Lt mini van and would u have it in a video to see how to do it fist time working on this van

It is located behind the timing belt. Timing belt must be removed to access the pump. Replace timing belt.

The process of replacing the water pump varies dependig upon the engine size Please post the engine size and will try to provide you with the needed steps

No, you do not have to replace the timing belt at the same time as the water pump. It is highly recommended because there is no additional labor involved since the timing belt must be removed to replace the water pump.

It is inside the engine, driven by the timing belt.

The water pump on a Plymouth Voyager is hidded. Very Hidden. It is ran by the timing belt. Remove everything on the left hand side of the engine. Remove the Timing belt covers. Now you should be able to see the Water Pump. The pully on in the Upper center is the waterpump.

Only if you drive the vehicle. It can't return the water line without the receipt. Get literate!

It will take you about 3 hours to change a water pump on a 1993 Plymouth Voyager 3.0L. If you are unfamiliar with this water pump it will take a lot longer than three hours. The water pump is inside the passenger side of the engine, driven by the timing belt.

Are you loosing water and if so you will need to pressure test the cooling system. Repair any leaks and replace the thermostat. Then check your cooling fans for proper operation.

I would like to help out, but I would need to know what engine that you have in it. please repost...

On a 2.4L and 3.0L yes. The 2.2L, 2.5L, 3.3L, and 3.8L no.

Water Pump LocationLocated in the V of the cylinder banks, driven by the timing belt.

The water pump is located in the timing belt housing, good luck

You must remove the timing belt to get to water pump.

2.4L and 3.0L it is driven by the timing belt. 3.3L and 3.8L it is driven by the serpentine belt.

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