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How do you replace window regulator or window clips on rear window of 2000 grand am?


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It is easy to replace the window regulator or window clips on the rear window of a 2000 Grand Am. The clips simply snap right onto the rails inside that door that connect to the window.

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The window sash clips connect the door glass to the regulator. The part # for the 2000-2004 is 22689012. Once the glass is out You can heat and remove the old sash and epoxy the new ones in place!

You will have to replace the regulator assembly.

I've included a link below in related links that will show you a YouTube video on How To fix the window regulator for your 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

how do you replace the drivers window clips on the glass od a 1995 grand prix se 2 door?

The plastic clips on you window regulator have broken. You need to replace the whole thing if those clips have broken. Take the door pannel off and see if there are plastic peices in the bottom of the door.

Remove the window regulator and motor from the door as an assembly. Drill out rivets that hold motor to regulator and replace motor. Regulator needs to be riveted back into door for reassembly

Which regulator and what year? You have a window regulator, voltage regulator, fuel pressure regulator to name a few.

The regulator is part of the engine computer. You will have to replace the computer.The regulator is part of the engine computer. You will have to replace the computer.

Try this link, It shows how to replace the entire window regulator assembly (which includes the motor). Probably the cleanest description I have found.

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Average Cost per regulator is around $75 to $100 depending on the shop.

how to replace1994 grand drivers side power window motor

Just went through this myself yesterday. My window worked on a cable pulley system, there are 8 bolts that hold on the window regulator which includes the motor. My motor and regulator where fine. The glass is attached to the regulator by two plastic clips. The front clip is $42 the rear clip is $38. It is easier than you think to fix. I hate working on cars but the dealer wanted $350 to fix it so I took 45 minutes and did it myself. This site has a great step by step diagram. ! Happened to our 1999 Grand Am 2Dr. Dealer wanted $529.00 to fix it. I purchased the whole Window Regulator, including the motor, new off Ebay for $65.00 delivered. Cheaper to buy the complete Regulator with plastic sash clips than pay a dealer $50-$60 for just the plastic clips. That is if you can find someone to just sell you the plastic clips. The other posting the A1electric site is what I used as my picture guide. Helped a lot.

If it's on a 99-04 Grand Cherokee you can't. You would need to buy a new window regulator.

Most likely the cables in the regulator have tied into a knot in t6he gear housing. You will have to replace the regulator assy.

My husband and I own a body shop. People always think they can fix a window regulator but it is not as easy as you think. I have been working in our shop for aprox. 25 years and I still hate working on doors. My suggestion, get a professional. They have tools that make taking the panel off, regulator out and also tools to put the regulator in, a whole lot easier. Sorry.

Remove the door panel, just a couple of screws. unbolt the regulator from the window and push the window back to remove the studs from the regualtor holes. push the window all the way up and run a piece of tape from inside the glass around the top of the door and to the outside of the glass at the front and rear of the window. the regulator is bolted in with 4 bolts, two at the top and two at the rear. once unbolted, you'll have to cut the zip tie in order to rotate the two regulator run channels to manuevur them out of the door. just reverse the procedure to install. before you tighten the regulator all the way, bolt the window up and pull up and back on the upper back corner of the window to prevent any wind leaks

It is called a window Regulator go on line and you will find a picture of it. I have replaced 3 on mine.

You have to replace a whole thing, not only a cable

You can't! I know it sucks but you have to replace the entire regulator assembly. Actually, it depends on which plastic clips you're trying to replace. True that the plastic slides are only available as part of the regulator, but the plastic glass channels are available separately from various sources, including Advance Auto's "Help!" section. The adhesive to attach is another matter, however. GM sells individual use vials at incredible prices that typically aren't in stock and are available only in box quantities, if special ordered. Check glass/windshield replacement stores, or NAPA sells a eurothane adhesive that has so far worked for me. Not exactly inexpensive, but doable. Be sure to buy the primer that goes with it, strength only a fraction without it!

Either way you will have to fix it again so you should fix it right the first time and bolt it tightly to the regulator like it's supposed to be.

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