How do you report questions that do not have enough information to be answered?

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To report a question that does not have enough information to be answered, simply email support @

Or you can flag the question as "containing gibberish."
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Where are the answers to the questions?

Finding Answers \n. \nAnswers to questions appear on the question pages themselves, directly under the questions. For example, this is an answer.\n. \nNot all questions have been answered. Indeed, some may be unanswerable.\n. \nThis is a constantly-growing question and answer co-op. It's not a ( Full Answer )

Why are questions not answers?

Answer . Because an answer is an answer to a question which is the question of the answer but usually the question comes first except in English exams where the answer is given and you are asked to question the answer From the above mind-blowing explanation it can be easily understood that que ( Full Answer )

How do you report a question?

To the right of the question is a button marked 'report abuse' - simply click that - and provide a reason for reporting it. Supervisors will be able to see the question 'flagged for improvement' - and will take appropriate action.

Why are you not answering my question?

I haven't answered your question because I just now found it. I found it on page 387 of Harmless Nonsense and I never would have found this if I hadn't "turned to the back of the book". Right now there are over 5 MILLION questions on this site, and there are only abut 400,000 people working on them. ( Full Answer )

Where are the answers for the questions?

The answer for each question is directly beneath the question. The information for the answers come from people who are experts in the field with first-hand knowledge, and also from on- and off-line research by WikiAnswers contributors like yourself.

When will your question be answered?

Usually your question will get answered within a week or so, if someone has the right answer and is well educated about that specific thing.

Will my questions be answered?

Yes, of course your questions will be answered! If you do not see an answer within a day, just check back every week and see if it's answered!

How are you answering my questions?

I saw that this was a question I could answer, so I clicked on the title, clicked "Answer It!" and started typing my post. At the end of this sentence, I will hit "Save," and my answer will be posted for you to read.

How are questions answered Or When?

When someone views your question and knows the answer, or has a web-link for the answer, they will post it. Sometimes re-asking the question in a different way will get you an answer quicker.

Can you have the answers to the questions?

Yes. Re-enter the question again later (You MUST write it EXACTLY thesame as the original question) If the question has been answered,you will see the answer. If the question has not yet been answered,try again later. If you have tried checking several times, it isvery possible that (a) the question ( Full Answer )

What are questions that don't provide enough information for WikiAnswers?

That comes up all the time. People compose a question saying "Which of the following is not a cause of WW I?" (for example) yet they haven't listed anything following that question, and we who answer questions have no idea what they are talking about. Or the question is completely incoherent. "You a ( Full Answer )

How do you report a user who is vandalizing questions and answers?

There is a dispute resolution program on WikiAnswers. You can contact the Community Advisor Team (communityadvisor @ and report the vandal. You can report directly to a Supervisor, who is a site volunteer ready to help the community and has the ability to warn vandals and spammers. ( Full Answer )

What are questions with out answers?

Rhetorical questions. And what are questions, answers, and rhetorical-entries, without definitions of their key terms ?

How will your questions be answered?

The Q&A community of works to answer and edit the questions on the site. There are millions of members and non-members who work/have worked on WikiAnswers. Hopefully someone will find your question and give it a good answer.

Answers for the question ' How are you'?

I feel as though my soul has fallen into a well. Stone walls surround my hopes and dreams and I am left in the murky past to drown.

Who is it that answers these questions?

Everybody can. Everybody answers these questions, sometimes withopinion, sometimes with fact. But everybody (especially the userswith accounts) can provide answers to these questions.

How do you get answers to questions?

On WikiAnswers, you just have to wait. Categorizing your question in the appropriate category improves those chances of getting it answered by 50%, and using correct spelling and grammar and making it understandable increases those chances even more.

Why is Dr Cumulus answering so many questions with inaccurate information?

He is answering questions inaccurately because he needs to do more research and look things up and read more. I, a true fan of Dr Cu, think that he has totally accurate and relevant information in his answers. His YouTube channel is definitely top notch and maybe you should rethink your criticis ( Full Answer )

How do you report answers?

In the blue bar on the left of the page, you can "flag" an answer. You can select one or multiple topics to flag the answers. The flag options are: One-Sided Answer The answer needs spelling/grammar cleanup The answer is repetitive or poorly structured The answer contains a phone number or web a ( Full Answer )

How should you answer a question that requires more information to be answerable on WikiAnswers?

That depends on what information is needed. If you can give ageneral answer, but need more specifics to narrow it down, thenoffer what you can. If there are a few different options, then givethe options. If the question is completely unanswerable because it lacks someessential bit of information, t ( Full Answer )

Get answers to questions?

Look up the question you would like the answer to in the search bar. If you would like to answer a question, click on the link to it and press Answer it! Then type in your answer and click save.

What questions have no answers?

Rhetorical questions are when the person asking the question expects no answer. In other words, its when an answer does not need to be said, because the one asking the question already knows the answer. Hope this helps.

What question can not be answered ''no''?

The question 'Are you alive?' cannot be answered with 'No.' There's a riddle that goes, 'What's the only question that can never truthfully be answered no?' The answer is 'Are you asleep?'

Where do you get answers to your questions?

the majority of the people here on WA research their answers, also they are able to answer through their own personal experiences, that way we can all learn and educate our selves and have fun to boot! But both questioner and answerer should be citing a source of the definition (often 'hiding behind ( Full Answer )

What do you get for answering questions?

Pride for answering a question, if you'll take it. You'll have +1 contribution, which takes you closer to earning a badge: Contributor, Bronze Contributor, Silver Contributor, Gold Contributor, Platinum Contributor, Double Platinum Contributor, or Ruby Contributor. Also, you may earn trust points fo ( Full Answer )

Why do people ask questions that don't have enough information to be answered?

People generally do not think that others would not know what they are talking about if they use pronouns like you, them, it, etc. or do not provide all the information necessary for another to answer the question. They do not stop to think that in order to communicate their question well, they have ( Full Answer )

How do you answer answered questions?

You cannot answer already answered questions, but you can edit them. ____ It depends on your user powers. If you are have permission on the site to edit a question, then an "improve answer" button will allow you to edit it. Also, there is trouble with mobile devices and editing sometimes, so ( Full Answer )

What questions have enough information to be answered on WikiAnswers?

For a question to have enough information to be answered, the asker can't just assume someone knows what they mean. Be very specific. If you are asking about a specific person, place, or thing, use the name, and not the pronoun. X = What books did she write? √ = What books did JK Rowling w ( Full Answer )

What questions do not have enough information to be answered on

Questions such as "In the following diagram - which is the larger area" or "How long does it take to get from New York to San Francisco" - In the first question - it's obvious that the asker is wanting a homework question answered - but browser limitations mean they can't actually show us the diagra ( Full Answer )

How can a question be answered without answering it?

Some replies might be: . Why do you need to know this . Let me think about that for a while . How will my answer help you . How will my answer be used . I don't care to share personal information.

How do you get your questions to be answered?

There is no guarantee that your questions will ever be answered, but if you want a better chance, make sure your questions are: 1) Clear in what you are trying to ask - If a potential responder cannot understand what you want to know, they can't do much to help you 2) Categorized properly - As of ( Full Answer )

Who answers these questions on Answers?

Anyone (including you) can answer (or edit) questions. This is a"wiki" site that is open to everyone. There are also experts andsupervisors in each category who provide as many detailed answersas they can and also supervise the other answers for quality.

What happens when a historian has more information than he or she can use in answering a historical question?

The historian often has much more information than he, or she, can use in answering a historical question. He, or she, must sort that information into what is important in the progression of the story. Too much information is as bad as too little. Consider discarding any information that is not vita ( Full Answer )