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How do you reprogram enter security code on radio for 081990 Nissan Pulsar vector after changing battery?

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2008-09-14 03:00:46
2008-09-14 03:00:46

If it's like my 1991 Pulsar, do this:

1. Get the code from your dealer. Mine was "2420" (might be the same for all 1991 pulsars?)

2. Turn key to first ACC (don't start the car, cos that's a waste of petrol)

3. have the radio on, wait till it stops and asks to the code (3min)

4. Hold down "4". A digit should come up.

5. Use tuning up and down to enter first digit.

6. When entered, use "5" button to enter next one...

- Continue until all four digits are in.

7. It should work...

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There is nothing to reprogram except the radio presets and the clock.

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No. The only thing would be the clock and radio.

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Assuming you are talking about the car's computer, you shouldn't have to reprogram anything besides your radio station presets and your clock.

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Usually you are not supposed to reprogram anything. Just connect the battery and drive the car, it will take about 100-250 miles for ECU to relearn sensors.

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