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How do you reset a Honda key fob?


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You do not have to reset the key fob when changing the battery.


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Put the key in the ignition and turn the key 2 clicks to the On position and press and release the lock button on the fob. Then press and hold the unlock button on the fob 5 times and then release. This will reset the fob for your Mercedes.

nothing works and I replaced the battery. to the fob

i need 2 keys to reset my fob to start the engaine, i only have 1 can i still reset fob ?

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Open the key fob and remove the battery which has a # on it, and then buy a duplicate.

There is no battery in the key fob just take it to the dealer with all the keys u have from the x and they reset them togther...

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1 Insert the key into the ignition. 2 Press and hold the "LOCK" button on the key fob. 3 Remove the key from the ignition. Keep the "LOCK" button held down while removing it. 4 Press and release the "UNLOCK" button five times. 5 Release the "LOCK" button. The fob is reset.

Go to the dealer, or you may be buying another key soon.

The key fob battery for a Honda vehicle is changed by removing the retaining screws and gently popping the rear cover off. The battery can then be pushed out of its holder and a new one installed.

You probably need the original key fob for the car. This is regardless if you have an alarm for the car. I've changed the battery twice in the last five years for my 97 Villager and each time I've had to "reset" the "alarm" via the key fob. The last time, I had to uncable the battery twice because it would not "reset" using the key fob before finally accepting the "unlock/disarm" from the key fob.

You can not reset this key. You must go to the dealer. It is hardcoded and can only be set one time. A new key must be ordered. There are no resets.

the key fob battery is the battey in a key fob torch

Press lock then unlock five times on the key fob.

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Put key in ignition. Turn key till dash warning ligth come on. Press "open" button on fob. If it works the locks will go down and up to show it has worked.

you need a key code, and even then it can only be coded by an authorised dealer

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