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How do you reset maintenance service indicator on a 2006 Mercedes E350?


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How do you reset maintenance service indicator on a 2006 Mercedes E350


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You will need a reset tool to reset the service indicator on the Mercedes e240. You will reset the indicator by using the buttons on the dash.

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google ( mercedes-autobestanswer) details there.

The owners manual outlines the procedure for reseting the service indicator.

The service indicator light, in your Mercedes ML 270, can be reset by holding in the engine oil life button. The engine oil life will go to 100 percent. The service indicator light should go off.

The service indicator, on a Mercedes E 200, can be reset by scrolling to the oil life screen. From the screen hold down the scroll button until the percentage goes to 100 percent.

Go to and select MB Workshop Resources, you will find a wealth of information on Mercedes as well as a pdf file on resetting the maintenance service indicator message

When the service indicator light is illuminated, hold down the scroll button. The service display will return to 100 percent and the indicator light will off.

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You do not reset it, it is a fault code. It is not a routine maintenance indicator. Fix the problem and the light will go out.

You have to have the computerized equipment- get to a mechanic/dealer who has one.

A person can reset this indicator by fixing the problem that caused it to go off. They can also use an OBD scanner to clear the codes and the indicator.?รฆ

Go to Click on "MB Workshop Resources" Click on "Reset Service Indicator" Locate the document that applies to your model.

On my 2003 C320 I scroll through the menu on the dash with key in and turned but car not running and go to the Schedule A or B maintenance in xxxx miles and hold reset button until it asks if I want to reset maintenance then hold down again for yes to reset indicator.

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